« MTDS led the USAID ALEF project’s activities for the cross-cutting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) component. In this role, MTDS unerringly undertook impressive, diverse and successful efforts to improve the management and pedagogical use of ICT in schools and as a central element of instructional reform across the education system. The professional, strategic, effective and moral nature of MTDS was obvious not just in their work with ALEF , but also in the other work I had the pleasure of seeing them conduct. They are a business, but one with a huge heart and a solid and strategic understanding of what development should mean, towards which they work with admirable conviction, effective collaboration and real impact »

Joshua Muskin, Chief of project - USAID/ALEF.


« We have worked with MTDS for years, and this is reflected in our satisfaction with the services provided. Whether it's Internet connection or email problems, we have always had very good contacts to resolve any problems. The standard has been the same for the construction of our websites, we've always had good staff to assist us with their knowledge and expertise. If there is something to regret, it is mainly the fact that MTDS doesn’t have a team based in Casablanca!. Anyway, a phone call is usually enough to solve everything! »

Rabia El Alama, Executive director - AMCHAM


« In the event of a problem, the specialists of MTDS with whom we work have given us and ISESCO member states, full and complete satisfaction. The benefits were the management software for museums and also the demonstrations. The integration of requests from our member’s at the time of seminars were beyond our expectations. This encouraged us to entrust MTDS with an inventory of cultural heritage project now required by Member States, I congratulate them. »

Pape Toumané Ndiaye, Culture program specialist - ISESCO


« We contacted the team ICT4D MTDS to make the website of our association, the Democratic Association of Women in Morocco. The performance was good, especially since the communication was very fluid with the people in charge of the project. This is precisely why we chose to work with MTDS : there is no bureaucracy, the contact is personalized. So if we have a question or problem, we contact the team directly and the issue is resolved immediately. This is the main asset of the company. »

Soufiane Lahdam, Information systems manager - ADFM


« Since 2005, the ongoing and strategic technical assistance provided by MTDS has considerably improved our image and promoted our actions. MTDS developed the web page for the international conference that we organized in 2009. MTDS is a partner in every sense of the word. They are part of Moroccan civil society. »

Mourad Benali, Chairman - MEARN/IEARN


« Our collaboration with MTDS has been very beneficial to us. The youth served by the Rabat Branch of the Foundation Orient-Occident have been the principle beneficiaries. In our dealings with MTDS staff, we have always found them to be highly skilled collaborators who demonstrate their availability and an infallible consideration for our cause. I doubt that we could do better in terms of services. »

Rachid Badouli, Director - Fondation Orient Occident


« The IFAD has chosen to work with MTDS , not only because of their professional competency but also because of their specific knowledge of the particularities of the environment in which Moroccan associations operate. This essential element has allowed us to develop, in conjunction our partners, an interactive, evolving, personalized, and relevant site for IFAD

Christiane Dardé, Training officer - IFAD


« Thanks to its technical and pedagogical expertise, MTDS has developed a distance learning tool tailored for Judges. MTDS has been able to overcome numerous difficulties through its extensive technical know-how as well as its rigorous and efficient approach to human resource management and Information technology use.

Youssef El Falah, Deputy director - AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION Rabat


« MTDS is first and foremost a technical service provider supplying expertise that responds to the evolving needs of our association. Secondly, MTDS is an advisor, assisting us mainly to conceive, design and deploy Information Technologies and Communication solutions for Development (ICT4D ). MTDS has been our strategic partner since the association’s inception, and continues to play a strategic role in the life of our association.»

Mourad Gourouhi, Director - TANMIA.MA